Municipal Leasing

State and local governments use lease financing to aquire assets necessary to provide public services.

Leasing is often a suitable and economic method of financing capital assets that are too expensive to fund in one fiscal period, with useful lives too short to justify the issuance of long term bonds.

This lease financing option is designed to save you both time and money, consider these benefits:

  • Installment payments may be structured monthly, quarterly, semi-annually to coincide with receipt of your revenues.
  • Payments may be fixed for the entire life of the lease, which may run up to ten years. A floating rate option is also available.
  • Use of standard documentation avoids the "costly" legal charges common with municipal bonds.
  • Lease rental payments are computed on tax-exempt or taxable rates to offer you the lowest possible payment.
  • An annual lease-line of credit is available at no additional costs.


Commonly leased items include:

  • Fire trucks
  • Telephone Systems
  • Computers and software
  • Office equipment and fixtures
  • Police vehicles
  • Garbage trucks
  • Service vehicles and buses
  • Ambulance and medical equipment

Other types of lease financing include:

  • Sale lease-back of public utility systems
  • Energy retro savings equipment for public facilities

Other types of entities that qualify under state or local government:

  • Municipal owned hospitals
  • Volunteer Fire departments (not exempt by Ohio law)




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